• Executive of the Week: Sony Music U.S. Latin President Alex Gallardo

    4 days ago - By Billboard

    It started, as so many things do these days, on Instagram: Rauw Alejandro , sitting behind a drum set, knocking out the beat to a new, as-yet-unreleased song. And it's ended up, to this point at least, with the biggest song of his career as the resulting single, “Todo De Ti,” rocketed up to No. 3 on both of Billboard 's global charts this week, on the way becoming his fifth top 10 hit on Hot Latin Songs - and, significantly, his first as a solo artist - and a career-high No. 66 on the Hot 100.
    And the song is only getting bigger. This past week, on its way to those career highs, the song...
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  • Sony Music Launches New “Artists Forward” Campaign, Waives Debts for Pre-2000 Artists

    4 days ago - By Consequence of Sound

    Sony Music Entertainment is introducing a new campaign called “Artists Forward”. The project will prioritize “transparency with creators in all aspects of their development” in an effort to offer stronger “comprehensive support” to the artists on their roster worldwide.There are three main components to the “Artists Forward” campaign, the biggest... Please click the link below to read the full article. Sony Music Launches New “Artists Forward” Campaign, Waives Debts for Pre-2000 Artists
    Nina Corcoran
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  • Sony Music to Pay Royalties to Unrecouped Legacy Artists and Producers in Major Policy Change

    4 days ago - By Pitchfork

    Artists signed to Sony before 2000 who have yet to recoup their advances will start receiving royalties “to increase the ability of those who qualify to receive more money from uses of their music”
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  • Spotify, Payola, and steering agreements attract Congressional attention

    4 days ago - By Hypebot

    Pay-to-play/payola has often been an issue, but Spotify's new “Discovery Mode” has attracted the attention of Congress. Guest post by Chris Castle of Music Technology Policy It will be old.
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  • Sony Music Will Start Paying Royalties to Legacy Acts That Still Owe the Label Money

    4 days ago - By Billboard

    Sony Music will start paying its legacy acts royalties, even if they still technically owe the label money.
    This new “Legacy Unrecouped Balance Program” was announced Friday in a letter obtained by Billboard to artists and earning participants as part of new initiative called “Artists Forward.” Under the new policy, the label will no longer apply existing unrecouped balances to earnings for eligible artists signed prior to the year 2000 who have not received advances since 2000. It applies retroactively to Jan. 1, 2021.
    The letter states that Artists Forward will focus on “prioritizing...
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