• COVID-19 Skeptic TED NUGENT Wants To Know Why Country Wasn't Shut Down For 18 Previous COVIDs

    15 days ago - By Blabber Mouth

    Ted Nugent has suggested the novel coronavirus is referred to as COVID-19 because there have been 18 other coronaviruses.
    The outspoken conservative rocker's factual error was part of his Facebook Live stream earlier today in which he lamented the cancelation of musical shows in 2020 and 2021 because the pandemic forced restrictions on large public gatherings.
    "This year's tour is canceled again," Nugent said. "The production companies won't let us tour again this year. Dirty bastard, lying, scam, smoke-and-mirrors COVID-19 freaks.
    "You know, I guess I would ask you, because I'm addicted...
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