• Chart Numbers and Sales Figures Banned in Grammy “For Your Consideration” Ads

    10 days ago - By Pitchfork

    The Recording Academy updated its book of rules and guidelines in an attempt to highlight the merits of nominated recordings instead of their market success
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  • Recording Academy Bans Chart Numbers & Sales Figures in Grammy ‘For Your Consideration' Ads

    10 days ago - By Billboard

    The Recording Academy has long had strict rules about what may and may not be said in “For Your Consideration” advertising by record labels and management companies hoping for Grammy nominations. This year, they added a big no-no to the list: chart numbers and sales figures.
    The Academy's book of rules and guidelines for the 64th annual Grammy Awards expressly states: “FYC communications cannot include chart numbers, number of streams, sales figures, or RIAA awards.” This rule was not in last year's guidebook.
    The Academy wants voters to focus on the merits of the recording, not on its...
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