• Hilary Duff Responds to Sex Trafficking Conspiracy Theory

    11 days ago - By Pop Crush

    Hilary was disgusted at this baseless claim.
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  • Hilary Duff Shuts Down ‘Disgusting' Child Trafficking Twitter Conspiracy: ‘Get a Hobby'

    11 days ago - By Billboard

    Hilary Duff has had it with Twitter trolls.
    On Saturday morning, the singer/actress' name became a trending topic on the site when a number of users made unfounded accusations of child trafficking against her, based on an Instagram story she posted containing photos of her son. In one of the since-deleted pictures, her son can be seen laying down nude, with lotion on his body.
    Duff decided to respond via tweet , stating that the accusations were not only untrue, but that they were invasive and offensive as well. “Everyone bored af right now I know..but this is actually disgusting,” she...
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