• This $16 Lip Tint Is Your Ticket to the "Bloss" Makeup Trend

    12 days ago - By Pop Sugar

    Lip "blosses," a hybrid of balm and gloss , are trending.
    Sunnies Face's Lip Treat is the perfect example of a bloss.
    Our editor tested three shades of the brand's lip tint and is sharing photos.
    Glossy lip products are having a moment right now, but not just your traditional lip-gloss formulas. "Blosses" are the hybrid product everyone is talking about, which combine the hydration of a lip balm with the shine of a lip gloss. My new favorite example of the trend: the Sunnies Face Lip Treat .
    Before we get into why the Sunnies Face lip tints are worth the buy, let's dive a bit deeper...
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